Farm House Coffee Roasters Review

Farm House Coffee Roasters Review


Our good friend Andrew over to Farm House Coffee Roasters gave us a new coffee sample to try out. We’re trying to give him a great review as his coffee is some off the best stuff anywhere!

Now, I’ve been big fans of his “Maniac Brew” for a while now. It’s a really strong coffee with a ton of flavor and isn’t bitter at all. I can drink pots of this stuff.

The new brew Andrew gave me recently was called “Sidamo Buna Beans”. What a really awesome cup of coffee, even though it wasn’t as powerful as “Maniac Brew”.  It was smooth and had some interesting after notes that I still have a hard time describing. My coffee vernacular is slowly growing as Andrew presents us with new flavors all the time. Seems overtime I turn around he has a new bean, roast, grind, and story behind what he’s creating. Don’t let my taste buds speak for you though, try them both, you won’t be disappointed!

Check this out, here’s the description of “Sidamo Buna Beans” straight from Andrews website:

“Sidamo coffees are known for medium body, delicate fruits, spice, and citrus notes. This one is 100% organic as well as fair trade certified. Our Buna Beans come from the Dara District in Sidama, Ethiopia. The altitude is 1,700 meters above sea level. They use a fully washed process and sun-dry the beans on raised beds. This is one of the most enjoyable cups of coffee we’ve ever had.” 


And here’s the “Maniac Brew”:

“This coffee has a smooth body, caramel and swiss chocolate flavor, and nice acidity with a hint of orange. It ends with a clean creamy smooth finish. It is grown in Planadas, Tolima, Colombia at a high altitude near 2,000 meters above sea level. The farmers use a fully washed process and sun-dry on patios. Their high quality soil containing sandy clay loam and mineral rich volcanic ash produces a truly outstanding cup of coffee.  Choose your prefered roast level”

In a recent video we wanted to give Andrew a little shout out and let him now we really enjoy his coffee. Although he says I didn’t act impressed, I am! I’m not promoting anything to our customers that I don’t use or stand behind. Also note, I’m not getting paid or endorsed by Andrew or Farm House Coffee Roasters. Everyone at Souder Station Farm just loves the coffee and wanted to show some support to another local producer doing great things. Plus, coffee goes great with sausage and eggs. 🙂


Check em out: Farm House Coffee Roasters

If you like their coffee as well, share your favorite brew below and join the club!

-Randy and everyone at Souder Station Farm.


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