On Easter Thoughts

I’ve never been into Spring. In fact, were I too rank order the seasons, Spring would fall dead last. It probably has something to do with my personality, but I’d choose Fall, Summer, Winter, and the Spring.  As such I’ve never particularly paid attention to the Easter celebration. It’s never played a large cultural role growing up. What I’ve …

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All natural Lard from healthy pasture raised pigs

Rendering Lard

(And why you should) Did you know? Did you know there are good fats? There has been so much negativity surrounding the word for so many years, that it just sounds bad. Your body actually needs healthy fats to function properly! Lard just so happens to be a healthy fat! Not only is lard a …

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Societal Gene Therapy Compliance and GMO’s and Organics

Podcast #009 https://play.libsyn.com/embed/episode/id/23483480/height/128/theme/modern/size/standard/thumbnail/yes/custom-color/87A93A/time-start/00:00:00/playlist-height/200/direction/backward/download/yes This weeks farming thoughts are advanced courtesy of the Bayer/Monsanto President Stefan Oelich speaking at the World Health Summit Oct 2021. The section of video cited reads: “For us therefore, we’re really taking that leap , us as a company, “Bayer”. In selling gene therapies which to me is one of these …

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