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Hello and welcome to Souder Station Farm!

The move to Suuder Station Farm has happened! Welcome to Souder Station Farm. So the first things I want to tell you about the farm is the name. Originally our farm name was Heritage Farm. The website was Heritage Farm It worked great in the beginning, but if you try and google Heritage Farm, there are about a million Heritage Farms out there, and about as many variations on the name as well. Even within Maine there were dozens of Heritage Farm variations. It caused all kinds of confusion for our customers. It also limited our search rankings for folks looking for us organically.


Then we moved. The new farm is a cabin situation on 32 acres in Winterport Maine. The name of the ¼ mile long dirt road is Souder Station Lane. Our cabin is the last house on the road at the dead end. The cabin was purchased from Judith Souder and her late husband Clyde Souder.  The Souders put the road in that bears their name. They also built the cabin that we bought from them. Clyde SOuder had a large interest in trains and old west themes. The original barn had an old west facade. The squared fake wall sported a large 10ft wide sign proclaiming “Souder Station”. Attached to the sign was a large emblem of a steam engine and two box cars cut out of sheet metal and painted black. It was very prominent and impressive. Between the character of the barn and cabin, the impressive signage proclaiming Souder Station, as well as the road very clearly marking Souder Station Lane, it just seemed to make absolute sense to change our name. Heritage Farm was no longer working as we intended, and wasn’t as fitting as it once was. Here was  a new farm, and a new beginning, and a new name.


Souder Station Farm.

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