Pastured Poultry Feeders

It seems like we have a variety of simple and easy looking feeders for our chicks and adult birds at Heritage Farm Maine. We like to experiment and play around with new ideas all the time. Often what we find is the simplest idea is always the best. It’s often easier to make things more complicated, but much more tough to make things simple. Here are the three common feeders we use regular on the farm.

First: DIY trough feeder for chicks. These feeder are made out of pic. They are the right height for new chicks that can not yet reach the lips of the larger feeders.

Second: Our bucket feeders. These things were thrown together one day in a hurry, but they have lasted for several years. They are super simple, surprisingly rugged, and work perfect. In the video below you can see just how they are built, as well as some modifications we had to make one day.

Three: The galvanized trough feeder for adult birds on pasture. These we actually purchased. As you can see though, they are a simple design, and rugged as can be. They hold plenty of feed to keep the birds happy. The tall side walls prevent feed spillage and waste which is always an important consideration on a farm.

There you have it. Three simple systems that we have found that work amazingly. If you have a feeder or feed system that works great for you, please share it with us in the comments below. We love to tinker and try new things!

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