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Kitchen Creations Club


  Sausages and Cheese!

Every week new sausages are being made!
All batches get sampled and critiqued under the critical and demanding taste buds of

“Head SpiceMaster Nate”

Would you like to be part of our Taster Testers Group?

To help support culinary creation we’re setting up a new product you can purchase today!

Souder Station Farm Kitchen Creations Club!

Every time you order you’ll get:

1 surprise package of Smoked Cheese
1 surprise package of Fresh Sausage Links
$22 and includes Free Delivery locally!

This is a small sampler option with a revolving menu of new items we’re either creating or refining.
Something different every week!
Your feedback can help shape our products!
All critiques accepted with open arms! 🙂
Help us create what you’d like to see.

As of right now we’ve got around 6 different Italian Sausage variations
Breakfast Sausage links,
Smoked Cheddar
Smoked Provolone coming soon,
and a couple Secret ones in reserve for now.
Every order is a new taste!

Order your Sausage and Cheese Kitchen Creations now and enjoy!

Note: All Fresh Sasuages must be cooked fully before consuming. Smoked Cheeses are Ready to Eat right out of the package 🙂