Salarium Grilling Sausage

As the story goes, the name “Salarium” hails from Latin origins and roughly translates as “Carrier of Salt”. 

Soldiers of the Great Roman Army were said to have been paid a portion of their salary in salt.

Soldier, Salt, Salary, and eventually Sausage are all derivatives of Salarium, and it’s not hard to see the resemblance.

 “Being worth your salt” is said to come from the Romans, translating to mean you’re respected, competent, and worthy of being paid. The idiom “Salt of the Earth” is reminiscent of the same sentiment speaking to one’s worthiness and dependability.

Salt highlights, expands, and brings out the essence of whatever it touches. Salt is an amplifier and facilitator.  

In our food, salt carries the complexity of whatever it’s bound with. It opens our taste buds wide so that deep savory flavors may enter more freely. Salt opens the door to both salivation and salvation. 

In our Salarium sausage, salt is more than just a seasoning. It’s the only seasoning we add. It’s an essential element that simply elevates and showcases the excellence of humanely raised, whole muscle, pasture pork sausage.


What makes us different?

We offer healthy, Maine pasture-raised meats from the healthiest and happiest animals.

Providing high quality, ethically sourced cuts of meat with farm-direct freshness.

100% Transparency so you can buy with confidence from local farms.

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