Pork Back Fat

Souder Station Farm Pork Back Fat with Skin

Cooking, Lard, and Snacks

Souder Station Farm Pork Back Fat Lard Sliced

There are so many incredible uses for delicious pork fat in the home and kitchen.

Rich, silky fat from healthy pigs is one of the best sources of all natural cooking fats around.
Nearly any food dish can be enhanced with a little pork fat to season the pan and flavor the entre.

Souder Station Farm Pork Back Fat Lard Cubed

Whether you render the solid fat into a semi liquid lard, or cut off chunks and fry as needed, it’s a perfect fat for everyday cooking.

Souder Station Farm Pork Back Fat Lard Liquid
Rendered Lard from Solid Fat

Plus, our fatback still has skin intact! After rendering down the fat you can continue cooking down the skin to make delicious all natural pork rinds!

Additionally, pork fat can be added to any lean beef or wild game to provide moisture and flavor. It’s the perfect fat for adding to lean meat for delicious and tasty homemade sausages!

Sold in Approximately 1lb packages $5

Make your own homemade Lard today and save on cooking oils throughout the year!

Souder Station Farm Pork Back Fat Lard Solid
Make Your Own Home Supply of Lard Easily!


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