Individual Pasture Raised Roasting Chicken


We have delicious and healthy pasture raised whole chickens now available with out partnership with Outland Farm in Pittsfield.

Not only are you investing in your local economy and small businesses, but you’re also taking steps to invest in your health and happiness!

Outland Farm Naturally Grown Humane Pasture Raised Chickens

All of our birds follow these standards and practices:

No Antibiotics

No Hormones

Sustainably Raised

Humanely Taken Care Of

Non-Gmo Feed

Fresh Pasture Daily

Pasture Raised Poultry early morning outside humanely raised

Healthy, Happy, and Strong animals that are sure to make your next meal incredible.

Whole chickens average 4 lbs with some slight seasonal variation at times. Birds typically run between 3.5-5lbs, with an average of 4 lbs. We try to get birds as close to the 4 lb mark as consistently as possible.

Be aware there is some slight variation between batches as the birds are free to express their potential and individuality when rasised in a natural and humane manner.

You’ll never go back to store bought after seeing how incredibly satisfying your roasted chicken meals become.


Want to get a big discount on pasture rasied poultry, and stock up the freezer?

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Pasture Rasied Chicken Souder Station Farm