Family Size Super Sampler!

Souder Station Farm Family Size Super Sampler!

Souder Station Farm Pork Super Sampler

Have you been looking for a half or whole hog purchase to fill the freezer?

Lots of folks every year wish to buy half and whole pigs from us to fill the freezer. This is a great, economical way to get a lot of protein in bulk all at once.

Here’s the problem with buying a half or whole pig though: You wind up with a lot of fat!

Ususally more fat than most households can consume or want to have to pay for.

A half or whole pig could mean 20-30 lbs of pure fat you’re paying for! 

We want to make things easier for folks to invest in larger diversified bulk packages without the excess.

Introducing the Souder Station Farm Family Size Super Sampler!

50lb Super Sampler with a variety of cuts from all part of the animal! Just like getting a half pig without all the things you don’t want!

6 packages Bone In Pork Chops

8 pkgs Uncured Smoked Bacon

1-2 Smoked Shoulders

1-2 Ham Hocks

2 pkgs Country Style Ribs

4-5 Ham Steaks

8-10 pkgs Sausage links

Because there are variations in individual packages, package amounts are approximate. However, you will still get 50lbs of delicious cuts. The general ratio above will be followed, but you may find slightly more or less of a particular item depending on individual product cut size differences.


*Note: For folks who still want fatback, organs, etc for cooking we have them available and listed a la carte’. Buy as much or as little as you need, just add it to your cart, pay for your order, and pick up on the farm at your convenience.

Note 2: For a further breakdown into the economics of buying a half and whole pig, please see this article on our blog for more detailed information: Looking to Buy a Half or Whole Pig? Read This First!


What makes us different?

We offer healthy, Maine pasture-raised meats from the healthiest and happiest animals.

Providing high quality, ethically sourced cuts of meat with farm-direct freshness.

100% Transparency so you can buy with confidence from local farms.

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