At Souder Station Farm we understand how important and special it is to be part of a local, thriving community. Being a part of a community where everyone comes together and shares their love of creating delicious foods for local folks is a real advantage. Especially when everyone in that community shares the same focus: quality ingredients, happy animals, and top-notch service.

Our community friends at the Smith Smokehouse joined our team and helped us create this the most delicious Soppresatta ever to hit a cheese plate. Their recipe for Soppressata is out of this world, and we were excited to be able to share it with our customers. It is one of the Souder Station Farm favorites-not only for flavor but because of the sense of community and teamwork that went into creating it.

Starting with our pastured and woodland grown pork, we add in the Smiths Smokehouse secret and delicious blend of spices. The end product is one of the best tasting Soppresatta we’ve ever tasted and the perfect example of a community working together to produce something amazing.

No added Nitrites


What makes us different?

We offer healthy, Maine pasture-raised meats from the healthiest and happiest animals.

Providing high quality, ethically sourced cuts of meat with farm-direct freshness.

100% Transparency so you can buy with confidence from local farms.

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