Smoked Cheddar Cheese




Souder Station Farm prides itself in creating some of the finest smoked meats and cheeses around. Take our Cheddar, for example. At Souder Station Farm we start with a tasty Cheddar straight from the farmer-owned Cabot Creamery.

This cheese is then cold-smoked slowly over smoldering Cherry, Apple, and Maple wood for more than 24 hours. The cold smoke process is different than your typical meat smoking process, as there is no cooking involved. The sole purpose is to infuse smokey flavor into the cheese. This process is closely monitered and controlled to prevent the cheese from melting and ensuring the smoke penetration-which is what creates the delicious taste.

The result of this closely regulated cold smoking process is a delightful smoky essence that enhances the sharp cheddar flavor and leaves you craving more. This cheese pairs excellently with our smoked meats for a complete cheese board ready for any party.

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9 ounces


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