Nate’s Farm Fresh Egg Club

$40/10dz eggs

Eggs do not need to be picked up all at once. You are welcome to pick up 1-3dz/week.

Farm Fresh Free Range Natural Eggs

Some weeks we may have less avilable. During winter the birds largely stop laying. We don’t use articifual lights and force them into laying. We let the natural cycles take over and allow the hens some rest as they need. We still have eggs in Winter, but the volume is often less.

After your 10 dz eggs have been recieved, you’re welcome to reenlist in the egg club again. Egg Club members in good standing are given first refusal at the end of their cycle before opening up your slot to other folks who are waiting to join the club.

Collecting your eggs is easy. Just give us a call, text, or email to let us know you’d like to get some eggs from your subscription and we’ll get them ready for you to pick up in the farm store at your convenience.

Thank you 🙂

Nate and Randy

Souder Station Farm All Natural Free Range Eggs


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What makes us different?

We offer healthy, Maine pasture-raised meats from the healthiest and happiest animals.

Providing high quality, ethically sourced cuts of meat with farm-direct freshness.

100% Transparency so you can buy with confidence from local farms.

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