Nate’s KillBossa


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This salami may as well be called the Souder Station Standard. Created by Nate, who is the reason I started this farm so many years ago, it is the original Souder Station home made recipe.

Nate’s KissBossa was created when I grew frustrated trying to develop a Salami my 5-year-old son would love. Eventually, I decided to let him into the kitchen and work his magic-creating his own masterpiece.

We started by taking a tried and true (but basic) Kielbasa recipe from a dog-eared and dusty recipe book. To keep things simple, we told Nate to choose three spices to add. His 5-year-old taste buds landed on Paprika, Cinnamon, and Thyme. I winced at the volume of each spice he mixed in but kept my mouth shut. It was his call. And it was the right call – Nate’s KillBossa was born.

Over a year and hundreds of pounds of KillBossa later, we’re still following the original recipe that my son created in our kitchen.

Sometimes trusting your gut can lead to delicious results.

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