What’s new in the farm store?: Organic Grass Fed Beef!

Sourced from Jason Littlefield and the Littlefield Family Farm in Winterport, these beef cuts are all natural and certified organic by MOFGA. Raised on grass and sustainably produced, it’s a product we’re proud to support.

The Littlefield Family Farm has a rich history, spanning back to 1946. Originally specializing in organic milk production for Horizon Dairy, the farm faced challenges when corporate consolidation left many Northeast farms without a buyer for their milk. This unfortunate trend mirrors the broader decline of the small-scale dairy industry, with many family farms struggling to survive.

Anticipating these shifts, the Littlefield’s made the proactive decision to transition their operations to beef production. Leveraging their existing expertise in organic practices and grass-fed farming, the transition was relatively seamless.

Winterport, once home to a thriving agricultural community, has seen a decline in its farming population over the years. This trend is not unique to Winterport but reflects a broader shift in the agricultural landscape, where small family farms are increasingly marginalized in the face of industrialization and corporate consolidation.

At Souder Station Farm, we’re passionate about supporting family farms and small businesses. Our nation’s history is rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit of artisans, shopkeepers, and merchants, and we’re proud to continue that tradition by bringing high-quality, sustainably produced beef to our customers.
We extend our sincere thanks to the Littlefield Family Farm for their dedication to feeding their community and for providing us with this exceptional product. We’re excited to share their delicious beef with all of you.

Thank you,


PS: Current inventory is ground beef and stew beef, with more options coming soon. There is a freezer in the Souder Station Farm store where you can pick up items, or email directly and we can get an order put together for you. 

Have special cuts in mind you’d like? Let us know asap before we process the next ones!

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