What is Included, and What is the Cost, in a Half/Whole Side of Pork?

What is Included, and What is the Cost, in a Half/Whole Side of Pork?

At Souder Station Farm we sell our pork in a number of ways. Some folks that wish to buy their pork in bulk. This way they can shop one time. They get a large diversity of cuts from the entire side of a pig, or a whole pig if they so choose.

We find that a half pig is generally enough for two people for the year. Although most people tend to eat more pork once it’s available and they see how amazing our animals are. 

A common cut list, for a family looking for a large diversity to cuts from the animals, would likely include:

-Hams steaks

-Ham ends


-Smoked Shoulders

-pork chops

-End loin


-Country Style ribs

-Ground pork or Seasoned Ground Sausage

-Liver and heart sliced up or left whole

-Leaf lard for making pastries and pie crusts

-Fat back for making a more dense form of lard. (We make homemade suet blocks for the wild birds and our chickens)

How Much Does a Half or Whole Hog Cost?

Souder Station Farm requires a $100 deposit per side. The $100 counts towards the final price of $4.59/lb. We handle the butcher costs, transportation, and organization for you. All you have to do is come to the farm, pay for your meat, and take it home. The hog is cut up however you would like, and we can work with you to go over the cut list so you can get the cuts you want most. 

Most sides of pigs will average between 100-120lbs hanging weight. That’s the weight the butcher gives us, and the weight we use to calculate what you owe us. The finished weight you get back will be less due to shrinkage during the curing process, reduction of the hide, head, and feet, and any boning being done.

From a 120lb side, you should get back around 75-80lbs in cuts. 

We can answer any other questions for you. Don’t hesitate to ask!

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