How to Keep Pigs from Escaping

How to keep pigs from escaping

Pigs have a bad reputation for escaping from where folks put them. They are an incredibly intelligent animal. Pigs are forever curious and will test, prod, and explore new things all the time. Poor designs in fencing are are like a hidden opportunity for adventure for a pig. Especially if they think the grass is greener on the other side. So how do you keep pigs from escaping? You build a better fence.

There are lots of options for fencing out there. Solid walls, pallets, reinforced wire hog panels, electric fencing, etc. In reality it doesn’t really matter what you use. It’s all personal choice. I have my own choices that I prefer when keeping pigs from escaping. First however you we need to be able to work with a few principles to make any fencing choice work.

  1. Give them more room than they need.
  1. Keep them well fed
  1. Keep the grass greener on the inside of the fence

A well fed animal, with plenty of room to explore, that has better conditions inside the fence than out, is less likely to push its luck trying to escape. Keeping happy and healthy animals is how you keep pigs from escaping the fence. Remove the motivation to escape, and you remove the surprise of finding your pigs in the neighbor’s flower bed. Remember, even the best laid fences will be overcome at some point by pigs. It’s in their nature to escape. By designing fencing systems that create a better life inside the fence than out, pigs escaping the fence can be reduced.

Next, Heritage Farm Maine discusses the various forms of fencing for pigs including what we use to keep pigs from escaping.

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