At Heritage Farm, we raise healthy and happy pastured pigs. They receive lots of fresh air, bright sunlight, sparkling fresh water, and ample area to run and root. Our animals are not given antibiotics unless doing so would save it’s life. To this date, we have never once had an animal so sick that it required medications. We feed them a commercial ration that is mixed up from a local feed mill. We supplement the feed with kelp meal and diatomaceous earth ourselves.


We buy piglets from local farms soon after they have been weaned. They are then brought to our farm and made right at home.. We have found and support a number of other local farmers who have magnificent breeding facilities. We go out of our way to find breeders that align with our standards of quality, health, and humanness for their animals. They must have wood lots or pastures to get out onto, fresh water, be friendly and display a healthy relationship with people. Happy pigs make better bacon.


We love heritage breed pigs like the Large Blacks, Tamworths, Durocs, and Berkshires. However, we have also raised amazingly tasty “white pigs”. Mostly the Landrace or Yorkshire breeds. In fact though, most breeders have a selection of a few different breeds in order to capitalize on the health and growth benefits of hybrid vigor via selective breeding. Most often our pigs are a motley crew of blacks, reds, whites, spots, and other funky designs. The breed is only a part of the equation. The environment they are grown in has a massive effect on the end product, and our animals come out simply amazing. Melt in your mouth amazing.


We rotate our animals through several outdoor pens during the seasons. They have unlimited opportunities to bury their snouts and faces neck deep in rich earth as they search for bugs, grubs, nuts, seeds, and critters. We rotate them whenever possible to place them under natural forest food crops such as acorns, beaked hazelnut, berries of all kinds, and apples. We often plant pumpkins and squash for treats as well, and constantly get folks donating old vegetables.(One of the reasons we are not certified Organic is because of this reason. Being certified would limit our ability to recycle and utilize perfectly healthy and nutritious food sources) The pigs are also supplemented with brewer’s grains from two local wineries, as well as milk and dairy products from the grass-fed dairy up the road from us.
Our animals are butchered by a local butcher shop. They have an amazing facility and always handle our hogs superbly. They handle all of the processing for us. Including cutting, wrapping, slicing the bacons, smoking the hams and bacons, making sausages and ground pork, vacuum sealing all packages, freezing, and clearly labeling all pieces. It’s so great to work so closely with such great partners in our farming community, and bring that to you as well.

Heritage Farm Piglets living the good food life naturally

Heritage Farm Piglets living the good food life naturally