About Us

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Welcome to our farm! -Randy and Nate

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my website. My name is Randy Canarr. I am the owner/operator of Souder Station Farm in Winterport, Maine. I started my farm in 2010 after returning home from active duty with the US Army.

I couldn’t wait to be back home. I needed normalcy in my life. Integrating back into civilian life was not easy. Poor diet, alcohol and the lack of exercise were contributing factors to the downward spiral of my health. I needed purpose, fulfillment and community in my life once again.

In the fall of 2011, I was blessed with the birth of my son, Nathaniel. My perspective pertaining to all aspects of my life changed in an instant. My focus now was not just a healthy lifestyle for myself but also for Nate.

“What do you feed a newborn? What ingredients are in baby food? Where does it come from? These questions and more soared through my head as I began seeking answers. I needed to provide the best opportunity I could for my son. I was to lead by example. The hardest part was to re-invent 30+ years of questionable eating habits of my own. I poured over many videos, books, and ideas without finding the answers or support I needed. I was eager to share my enthusiasm but not everyone was receptive.

The realization had come to me like a warm hug from an old friend. It had always been there. I would raise my own food. Despite the lack of farming experience, I had no fear.

I started small. I planted a garden and purchased several chickens. At first, I had laying hens for fresh eggs. Not long after I raised broilers for meat raised on pasture. Over time, a couple piglets turned into a herd. They blended well with the fields and forests around the farm. Shortly after, bees arrived to provide pollination, excitement, and sweetness. Maple syrup was a natural complement to the honey. Before I knew it, the garden had grown to include a four season greenhouse. Our small farm had become a living breathing ecosystem, playground, and business.

Today, Souder Station Farm has an amazing and thriving group of supporters. Our family, friends and customers strive for a healthier lifestyle. The root of our health starts with our food choices. You will find highest of quality, humanely raised, and ecologically sustainable foods here at Souder Station Farm.

If I would not give it to my son, I would not give it to you. That’s a promise. 

Together we can make true changes within ourselves and each other. I share this great opportunity daily with my son and we welcome you on our journey to become healthy, happy, and strong.